Conference Theme

The main objective of the conference is to gather world-class researchers, engineers and educators engaged in the fields of advanced material science and engineering and its applications. It will provide you a platform to disseminate your research findings, and hopefully, it will also spark innovative ideas, foster research relations or partnership between the various institutions and educators. The submitted papers will cover a wide range of topics in materials sciences and engineering sciences.

Scopes and Topics

  1. Metals, Insulators and Semiconductors
  2. magnetism, Magnetic Materials and Superconductivity
  3. Lattice and Defect Dynamics
  4. Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin films and Nano-Structures
  5. Theoretical Methods for Materials Design
  6. Advanced Mechanical Materials
  7. Topological Materials
  8. Advanced Materials for Biological Applications
  9. Super hard materials
  10. Multifunctional Materials
  11. Soft computing
  12. Optimization Techniques
  13. Manufacturing and Machines